BNI South Africa Celebrates 26 Years With Our National Conference - 25th to 27th of July 2024

Conference Speaker

Michael Buehren

Executive Director, BNI Nordwest, Germany

Michael got in touch with BNI for the first time in 2012 as the head of his office organising company (office furniture and printers). It was love at first sight. In January 2016 he took over the BNI northwest region in Germany.

Describing the meaning and purpose of his existence is to inspire and support people with their personal development. The constant developing of his region is his passion. Michael speaks four languages (German, English, Spanish and straight to the point), although the last one is sometimes the hardest language for some people.

As a former pro basketball player (he was the little, quick one being 197 cm tall) being a part of a team was an integral part of his childhood.

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